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Let me help you take the risk, frustration and confusion out of the process of getting more online business. It's something that you shouldn't just throw money at. Getting a new website isn't going to solve your revenue, marketing concerns or issues. It won't instantly solve your client acquisition problems. So it's important to diagnose exactly what your business needs and put together a game plan so I can guarantee your success.

So before you pay for a new website, buy SEO, pay for ads or do anything else take a moment to give me a call. We will review your current website, analyze your competitors, find out how you are ranking on Google and other search engines. Then we can break down everything you are doing wrong and the things you need to do to move forward to make sure your business can succeed and generate new customers that will actually generate more revenue for your business.

The free strategy call is a no-pressure, no obligation call. I won't push you into buying any of my services or into hiring me. Plan on spending 20-30 minutes going over your business and helping you realize that this could be a huge game changing decision for your business to become more profitable. You will be able to understand how I can generate more customers and more revenue for you by maximizing your online presence which in turn will save you time, alleviate stress, and show you the best way to run and manage your online business. Your website and online presence will be generating highly qualified leads that are easy customers that pay and pay on time which will make your life a whole lot easier.

If this is something you would like to look into give me a call, 218-454-0188 or use the contact form below to send me a message and I will reply. I look forward to helping you set your business up for success!

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Web design testimonials

“We would like to thank BM Web Design for creating our AirWave™ Pedestal website. We received professional service with a personal touch. Not only did Bob take time to listen to our ideas, but he guided us on how to expand on our ideas in building a remarkable website. Communications have always been answered promptly and updates executed seamlessly. We’ve had many compliments on our website. We are very proud of the product we received. As we continue to work with BM Web Design, we would highly recommend BM Web Design to those looking for quality, professional service with a personal touch. In addition to our website, Bob created an owner’s manual beyond anything we could have imagined. Fabulous work Bob. Thank you! ”

“ - Al B., AirWave Pedestal

“Our organization, Healthy Brains for Children, holds Bob Magstadt in high regards for the professionalism he has brought to our organization through our website. Bob has donated a tremendous amount of time, skills, and insights into our website, supporting our efforts to prevent prenatal exposure to alcohol. His guidance in our website design and implementation has been on target as our initiatives gained international recognition. I can always rely on a quick response from Bob for any website addition, change, or revision. I highly recommend Bob to any organization or business in the field of website design and ongoing website maintenance. Thank you, Bob! I can't tell you how many people have commented on how much they appreciate our website.”

“ - Jody C., Healthy Brains for Children

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