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I help businesses generate more leads, sales and revenue.

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Powerful Websites

My custom designed websites will get your customers to stay on your website longer. This gives you a professional website.

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Basic Local SEO

Get your website started with some basic local SEO optimization. This gets your website optimized about 45% of the way.

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Standard SEO

Get your website going with my standard website optimization. This gets your website optimized about 75% of the way.

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Accelerated SEO

Get your website crusing with my accellerated website optimization. This gets your website optimized 100% of the way.

Dedicated website support to help your business increase revenue using proven digital marketing.


Bob…Thank you for the work you have done on our website.  You have helped bring us to another level!  Our past website saw little to no traffic. Anytime we meet with a perspective client one of our questions is how did you hear about us?  It is important for us to know what market dollars are working.  In the past 2 years since you have taken over our site I’m hearing regularly they heard about us from online search.  The work you have done has put us on several 1st pages… which is the exposure we wanted.  We are building more homes than ever and your work has helped us get there. Thank you!"

Eric & Laura LarsonE. L. Builders LLC

“BM Website Design has taken my business to the next level. I am not a patient or techie person and Bob has been there to help me with whatever I needed. He is very knowledgeable about the Internet and the service he provides. Along with that he gets everything done in a timely manner. If he is busy with other projects he lets you know and then gets it done ASAP when time is available with no broken promises. If it needs to be done right away he will then squeeze it in to be accommodating. I would highly recommend him to anyone that isn’t my competition because I don’t want the asset of BM Website Design working for the other side!”

“ - Jeff S., Signal Realtors

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“I have worked with Bob for over 8-years on various web projects for our different companies and products and from my perspective he does a great job in understanding the needs of the small business and them creating them on the web with strong SEO presence
Jeff Zernov, Dragon Hunter LLC.”

“ - Jeff Z., Dragon Hunter LLC

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